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Only RADAC’s integration of radar technology with cosmetic and functional components creates value within multi-purpose assemblies.

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Integrated from the ground up

Less Risk for Customers

With two feet securely on the ground, RADAC Proximity Access is designed for safe, intuitive and seamless vehicle access.

Streamlining Processes

Partnering with OEMs to deliver reliable technology creates development, cost, and timing efficiencies.

All From One Source

RADAC’s customizable radar technologies are directly integrated into cosmetic trim and mechatronic systems.


A world-wide leader in design and manufacturing of vehicle access systems now provides radar technology.

RADAC was formed to solve OEM issues with unique technology offerings that are desired by the consumer by understanding the benefits, versatility and integration opportunities radar presents. Two industry leaders, ADAC Automotive and Ainstein AI form one effective JV purposefully designed to focus on flexibility and execution.

ADAC Automotive

At ADAC Automotive, we are designing the future of vehicle access systems. Our technologies and products are developed to improve the lives of users by enabling convenient, seamless entry and exit from vehicles. As a Tier 1 supplier of mechatronic vehicle access systems, ADAC serves the world’s automotive brands with VAST Automotive Group manufacturing facilities worldwide. Learn More.

Ainstein AI

Ainstein offers deep scientific, mathematical and engineering expertise, along with a full spectrum portfolio (24GHz, 60GHz, 76-81GHz) of hardware and software to support customers in developing highly customized solutions with unmatched precision in unpredictable environments. Learn More.

Proven Technology

Our wide band high resolution mmWave radar is built on RF-CMOS IC technology that offers low-cost and power consumption. The highly integrated hardware design paired with proprietary advanced radar signal processing algorithms creates superior  performance in numerous applications.

Multi-Function Product Design

One radar sensor. Multiple functions. By pairing multiple functions such as proximity access and obstacle detection, RADAC leverages its technology to reduce efforts for the OEM and improve experience for the consumer.

Sourcing Flexibility

Sourced as Tier 1 for optimized supply chain, or Tier 2 based on positioning on vehicle, leveraging over 45 years of mechanical, sealing and integration design differentiates RADAC’s development capabilities.

Products & Technology

RADAC offers a full suite of radar products including Blind Spot Detection, Proximity Access, Object Detection, Adaptive Cruise Control, In-Cabin Sensing, and Imaging Radar modules for autonomous vehicles.

Designed together works better. 

Inquire about direct product integration into products like outer door handles, appliques, rear license housing, mirrors, door claddings, and rear upper spoilers. 

Contact us for a full list and specific opportunities.

Ultra Short Range Radar

Our highly customizable products are capable of multiple functions within the same module from object detection to proximity / gesture access. Product applications for these technologies can be added to powered side doors, tailgates, lift gates, or frunks. Data shows an intuitive entry method with feedback and zero potential to damage your vehicle or property is an extremely desired consumer feature.

Driver Assist Radar

Our powerful short-range radar has high resolution and advanced signal processing algorithms to deliver superior performance. The functions within this low cost/power consumption unit are Blind Spot Detection, Lane Change Assistance, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and cyclist and pedestrian detection.

Our mid/long-range radar combines a wide field of view at midrange with long-range coverage to provide two measurement modes within a single package. The sensor is built with RF-CMOS IC technology, powerful computing platforms and advanced signal processing algorithms. It detects and tracks both static and dynamic objects. It is highly customizable for the customers’ environment.

Imaging Radar

Our 4D imaging millimeter-wave radar is designed for autonomous driving. It features a high point cloud density, stronger target resolution, and recognition capabilities to reliably capture details of its surroundings. Our product captures accurate static and moving objects in all weather conditions.

Benefits of Radar

The performance of radar in all weather conditions make it the clear choice as stand-alone sensing technology. Regardless of conditions such as rain, snow, fog, smog, low light or no light, our radar delivers superior performance. Radar is a proven and extremely versatile technology that is highly customizable to fit the intended applications.

Unknown Obstacle Avoidance
Imaging Mode
Lane Change Assistance
Blind Spot Monitoring
Cyclist & Pedestrian Detection
In-Cabin Sensing / Vital Sign Monitoring
Parking Assistance (ADAS)
Autonomous Driving
Automobile Access & Entry


Where can RADAC sensors be integrated? What technology does RADAC offer for smart vehicles? Answers to these and other frequently asked questions are below. If you cannot find your answer, please reach out to us via the contact form below.

Where can RADAC sensors be integrated?

Our radar sensors are designed for a minimum IP67 rating and can be located behind any non-metallic surface. This small package integration strategy creates an invisible common exterior appearance for a feature product.

What technology does RADAC offer for smart vehicles?

With the evolution of vehicles, traditional mechanical components are replaced by electronics, mechatronics and autonomous functionality. RADAC offers multiple sensing products in the ultra, short, medium, and long-range radar space to support all 6 levels of vehicle autonomy.

Contact us today to schedule a demo and discussion.

How can RADAC integrate sensors?

In collaboration with the OEM, RADAC will identify the optimum integration opportunity, package, supply chain, and optimize cost. The benefits of all-in-one sourcing with added function and integration opportunities will be shared to deliver the best cost, timing, and most reliable product.

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